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The Machinists Dream

Aluminum Castings the OLSON WAY

We care that you get the right process for your parts...That's why you can contact us without worrying about sales pressure to get our expert opinion of the best process to make your parts faster, easier and better, for less.

Castings produced by Olson Aluminum will exhibit machining characteristics equal to, and in many cases, better than bar stock or billet aluminum. Our process begins with chemical property requirements on all incoming alloy. Magnesium levels are controlled to attain a consistent Brinell Hardness reating (BHN).


We complete the process by removing harmful hydrogen gases, oxides and dross prior to pouring. This process, along with our in-house heat treating capabilities, assure superior T6 and BHN results.

Our commitment to these critical process controls assures a high degree of grain refinement and consistency that is necessary to achieve desired characteristics, such as:

Olson Aluminum Castings

2135 15th Street
Rockford, Illinois 61104


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Ask any of our machining customers …it's the quality of what you find below the surface of the casting that distinguishes Olson Aluminum from the typical sand cast foundry.“

For Our Machine Shop Clients

Leak Free, Pressure Tight  Castings

that machine like billet

Total Trackability of metal composition through the process
Petro Bond gives superior surface finish
Green sand for volume castings
Air set gives greater size and complexity capability
Up to 600 LBS
Automation speeds production
Air set foundry produces larger and more challenging casting designs 
Machinable, superior surface finish and leak free castings
Capabilities up to 300 Ton
Degassing removes imperfections
Capabilities up to 300 Ton
Full Machining Capability
Assembly Available

Olson Aluminum Castings

2135 15th Street
Rockford, Illinois 61104


Phone: 815-229-1600
Fax: 815-229-7082

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